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Propeller Manufacture

A simple way to build up a laminated propeller.

Alfa Model - F86 Sabre

This is an electric ducted fan Alfa Model of the F86 Sabre that flies very well indeed.

EFlite Blade mSR

The next step in indoor micro helicopters, single rotor, 4 channel and only 1oz (28 grams).

Guillows Jet Stream

This is one of those models that is just delightful as it takes you back to your childhood for just £2

ST Models DG 1000

Perhaps not the best looking glider on the ground or close up but when in the air this model rewards you with some nice flying. Well worth the money at around £130.00

EFlite Blade mCX

So I've gone mad and bought an Eflight Blade mCX and a Blade CX2. Having only flown a 2 channel helicopter before this was my next step up.

Windrider Fox

After a throw and a short glide the Fox did not disappoint and glided quite a distance. Now happy that it went quite straight we hooked up the to tug and off we went.

Kyosho Minium Citabria

We recently bought a Citabria from TJD models for around £85 complete with all batteries necessary to go flying plus a spare flight battery.

ParkZone Spitfire

A good buy for the money spent when powered with Li-Po’s. I have also changed the propeller to an APC 10 x 7 e which really ups the performance and keeps noise levels down.

Multiplex Fox

The Fox launches into the sky up to 80 to 100 feet which gives you plenty of time to try looping and rolling her. She is able to fly in quite strong winds around 10 to 15 mph. I cannot wait to take this latest ‘toy’ on holiday onto the slopes and have some fun.

Ikarus Aerofly Professional Deluxe Fight Simulator

Good choice of aircraft - some 64 different types. Also you can change scenery, modify aircraft, alter wind speed etc.

Micro Radio Control Helicopter

A very small RC helicopter from that flies surprisingly well.

Diary of a Junior 60 electric conversion

I set myself a brief, did my research, trawled the internet, set up big Excel spreadsheets to compare parameters, and started buying Quiet and Electric Flight magazine, a dedicated electric (and gliding) flying magazine. What I wanted was to build a plane from a kit (that narrows things down a bit!), a plane that was very slow and basic so that I could learn the characteristics of the brushless electric flight system (which seemed to be the way to go) without trying to master another plane as well, and finally something that had a bit of charm.

Westland Lysander

A well built scale model converted to fly.

Flying Over Water

Coast flying is brilliant fun. Give it a try.

The Alula - the 2nd One

Note to myself: Future project. To revamp the first Alula and keep it for me!

The Alula

It′s true! Great things do come in small packages. The Alula - a small glider from Michael Richter.

Winner Glider.

The qualities of this kit are excellent and a brilliant way to introduce someone to balsa modelling.

Dummy Engine.

A dummy Radial engine for my C30 Autogyro that had a Wright Radial 7 cyl engine, Wrights were some of the really nice looking engines, but no one seemed to make them now, so I decided to make my own.

When things go wrong..

There are times when accidents happen, we all learn from them. Send in your photos and experiences to us

Whitehead DH60

Gordon Whitehead’s plan (RM179) for a 45" span .20-powered model of the de Havilland DH60 Gipsy Moth was published in the June 1977 edition of "Radio Modeller".

Hirobo XRB SR Lama

I’m not a helicopter man. Well I thought I wasn’t . As they say "don’t knock it until you’ve tried it" but guess what? Yes I’m hooked, line and sinker.

P47 Thunderbolt

Major George E. Preddy was one of the highest scoring American aces of World War II. Like several other American aces, he initially saw action flying a P-40E Warhawk in New Guinea and Northern Australia during 1942.

Old Bill

A few designs stand out for their robustness and sheer fun-content. One of these is the Dave Boddington "Old Bill" design, first published, I believe, in the "Radio Modeller" magazine in the 1970s.

Cardstock Spitfire

This review is being made by the creator of this model, me, so I'll try my best to be as objective as I can. This glider is one of the first gliders I've designed in which I've tried to incorporate a 3D like style to the parts.

Sandown 2004

One of, if not the most significant show of the modeller's year.

GWS Mustang

I think this is a really great little kit and one which satisfies my building skills and airbrushing attempts as well as being a great little flier.

You Mean They Can Fly

This was the statement her indoors said when I told her of my intention for us to go and watch some r/c model water planes one Saturday morning.

Bolkow Juniors

Not a really a cheap model at around £63 to your door plus £53 for motor, gearbox, battery pack and prop but quite different, nicely built and a good performer for those quiet days and evenings.


Overall the flight characteristics are very forgiving and will give no cause for alarm to a modeller who has selected this to be their first scale type kit. To summarise, I really enjoyed building this one and the result is a really nice model that’s great to fly.

Wattage F22 Raptor

I was first drawn to this aircraft having just totalled my Picojet as a result of a servo failure, and requiring a replacement fun model. I was going to the Hastings Model Airshow so had a weather eye open for a bargain - enter the Wattage F22 Raptor.

Hastings 2002

The second Saturday in August heralded the start of the 2002 Hastings Model Airshow, organised by the Hastings & District Model Flying Club and sponsored by Nexus, the event being held over the weekend. I have attended this event for a few years now. Having been a member of the club before moving out of the area, I like to attend the event as it gives me a chance to renew old acquaintances, and see a good model show.


Hacker - Bellanca Decathlon

In conclusion this aeroplane doesn’t fly quite as stable as the Cub but is also not as aerobatic as most sport planes. It is certainly not a trainer but a plane for the slightly more experienced flier.

Indoor Models

Talk and demonstration on the art of Indoor Scale Modelling by Peter Smart.

Lady Bug

My version of a Lady Bug the original designed by Andy Clancy from Mesa in Pheonix Arizona. I could not buy a kit of this model in the UK so I made this one from photos and info from the web site.

BMFA Indoor Crawley

There was certainly plenty of different materials being used from carbon fibre, balsa, foam (both 2 mm and blue carved) through to dried grass, yes grass!

Hacker - CAP 232

I can only conclude that this Cap 232 kit from Hacker comes highly recommended and further flights have enabled me to explore the more exotic auto rotational manoeuvres for example tumbles, lomcovacs and zwirbelturm (or spiraling tower). A gorgeous machine and definitely the dogs wobbly bits!!!!

Spitfire Book Review

"The Supermarine Spitfire, Part 1: Merlin Powered" and "The Supermarine Spitfire, Part 2: Griffon Powered" by Robert Humphreys.

Dave Smith Models Merlin.

I feel that this model could make a good second model, particularly if flown with reduced throws. It makes for a good Sunday morning, afternoon, or evening model. It will provide many hours of enjoyment, and also be competitive at club competitions.

Single engine, twin propeller Mosquito.

Well its finished, one de Havilland 98 Mosquito with a Merco 35 two-stroke glow engine driving two props through a flexible drive bought from a B&Q store that had a drill chuck on the end for use with an electric portable drill.

Nationals 2001

The Nationals I believe showcase aeromodelling in it's various forms not only to those people who have a specific interest, but provides an insight into the other forms of aeromodelling, and a reminder to those who have moved onto other forms.

Hastings Model Airshow 2001

I left the show at the end of the day tired, but satisfied. The flying was good, safe, from a good venue with adequate facilities, and providing a good vantage point for the spectators. The model flying club have worked hard to provide a good show, and are well motivated to.

A Touch of Magic

or "How to Convert a Vintage I.C. Powered Model to Electric Power."

Balsacraft Easy Street

This aircraft will help attract more people into electric flight, from i.c. because of the cost, ease of build, flying performance, and scope of development.

Zip Glider

I'm pleased to bits with the model, it flies nicely and has no bad habits and certainly well worth the money.

Model Designs Hurricane

The kit is reasonably priced, and the cost of the additional items is very reasonable. In terms of enjoyment, I think this model will provide many hours of flying pleasure. The time from kit to flying is obviously longer than an ARTF, but construction is quite rapid for a built up model.

Kyosho Cessna Ag-Wagon

Well it makes a good first scale low winger, good intermediate aerobatic plane and a great medium sized tug plane able to cope with 10 lbs plus and 3 ½ mtr sailplanes.

ZingWing by Helen

My dad bought me these Zing Wings and I thought BORING....

Bruce Lloyd's Cessna 172

This is a Cessna 172 with 9ft wingspan. It is primarily made of balsa and plywood with a foam core one piece wing.

Balsa Cabin's Ravello Kit Review

This is a model that has clearly had a great deal of development put into it. This is evident from the fact that if built true, and to the plan i.e. wing shaping, balance etc, it will require very little adjustment required by the builder to be competitive.

Return to the Lake

As for Dave's name of Skippy this came about from his landing technique, that being the more you can bounce your cub the better the landings must be - apparently he had been watching the Dambusters film and got a bit carried away.

Float Flying

After a few short taxi trials, creating some ripples on the other wise still water. The model was lined up in to what little breeze there was and take off was called.

Air Hogs

What a fun idea, just pump it up, flick the propeller over to start the engine and launch. One small exception - the box says that you need 100 metres of free space in each direction!!!


Some pictures of different pilots....

Air to air photography

The problem is that you are flying in 3 dimensions but can only see 2 at one time. Imagine two aircraft flying towards you. You can see their height against each other and their distance apart but not their position forwards or backwards from each other.

Twin Engines

Pilot Painting


Back in the summer a friend of mine came upon a couple of lakes that could be used for the opportunity of trying to fly using floats. Well this was too good a chance to miss....

Multi-cylinder Engines

Pica 1/5th Scale Spitfire

When he started he had know idea of what was involved at all. He had never built a 'plane of any type before and he had never flown RC, control line or free flight. Ambitious or what!!

Simulated Stitching

Flair Cub powered by RCV engine

An enjoyable model to fly with it own unique sound due to reduction gearing. We can highly recommend both kit and engine and recently Nigel even passed his 'A Test' flying this baby.

Hastings Model Air Display

There are in the South East of England very few clubs who go to the trouble of organizing large public model air displays. Let's face it, there are so many factors to have to consider, the task is very daunting.

An Introduction to Basic Carrier Deck Flying

I only picked up a handle after watching the competition for the weekend and coming to the conclusion that it looked easy ... so I had a go.

Balsa Cabin's Demon

The Demon certainly is fast. Loops can be made very big. Rolls are axial and the stall is very friendly allowing the approach to be made at a reasonable speed. Landings need to be planned a little more than with a Sport Plane as you need to kill the engine at about 5' and belly land onto the grass.

Scale Weekend

At the end of the flying afternoon prize giving took place. I confess I didn't catch all the winners but one model which took my eye was a Tiger Moth.

Baldock 4 June

...haven't missed a meeting since first coming to Baldock in 1984.

Cirrus Moth

A rather superb piece of Russian model engineering in the shape of a four cylinder ‘Cirrus’ near enough ¼ scale four stroke engine powers this lovely moth.

Spring Model Flying Weekend

We finished the day by towing the 1/5 scale Slingsby T21 with Gary at the controls and me acting as tug pilot flying the Cub. What a great day flying. Brilliant weather, super sight and good company.

Aero Towing

Flying Tales

....the god of model aircrafts reeled in another catch... .I was well and truly hooked...

Skybird RC Ornithopter by Pteryx Model Aircraft

A new control system gives the RC pilot authoritative control over the aircraft. One channel controls the throttle of the powerful 0.15 RC car engine. The other two channels control the pitch and tilt of a triangular tail, which directs the flight of the ornithopter without resorting to ugly hinged surfaces.

Model Tech CAP 21

The model was flown by Dave Taylor for over 5 years and clocked up over 300 flights (averaging 15 to 20 minutes per flight the total flying time was over 75hours) and had numerous outings at scale flying events at which it won a number of trophies.

Balsa Cabin's Stealth

The model was extremely stable and handled the turbulent conditions remarkably well but it is not the most aerobatic model you could ask for, rolls are quite barrely, probably due to large amounts of aileron differential. Loops were really interesting when we got them right and they looked very realistic but slow them up too much at the top of the loop and it will roll of its own accord.