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Model Aircraft

Everything to do with model aircraft. If you have models and build or flying stories you would like to add or there are missing items in the glossary then drop us a line -

We have some great starting pages on the glider or if you want something powered but still quietish electric flight. If you want to carry on flying in the winter evenings or when the weather is bad then try indoor flying - very peaceful, relaxing and this will push your model building experiences and knowledge of flying.

If you′re going out flying this weekend then worth checking out the weather on


Models, reviews, stories and show reviews. If you would like one of your models on these pages then please do drop me a line -

Single engine, twin propeller Mosquito.

Well its finished, one de Havilland 98 Mosquito with a Merco 35 two-stroke glow engine driving two props through a flexible drive bought from a B&Q store that had a drill chuck on the end for use with an electric portable drill. - blog - read what we have to say, leave a comment or idea. Join in and get more from model making.

Aerotowing at Old Warden 2014 - Photograph by: Stuart Roberts


An A to Z listing of terms, topics and general aircraft information. EG:


A method of launching a glider by towing it to altitude behind a powered aircraft. Some hints and tips on the art of aerotowing with radio controlled models. more.......

Our Glider page lists lots of models we have reviewed along with tips and further references.


Venetian Blind FlapsHinged surfaces attached to the trailing edge of a wing, either to increase manoeuvrability (as on a control line aerobatic model) or to increase lift at the expense of drag (as on most full size aircraft and some radio control aeroplanes). more......

Pilot Painting

A detailed guide to modifying and painting a pilot. more......

Tools & Tool Reviews - section dedicated to Tools and cross referenced to our glossary pages.

Aircraft Images

This has now moved to our site where all of the images are available online. - Aircraft Photographic Reference


Model aircraft clubs from around the world listed on our pages. If you would like your club added please drop us a line or fill in a form.


Fullsize and model aircraft links.

If you would like to swap links then drop us a line:

Do you have a story to write about a model, flying experiences or getting a scale finish? Would be great hearing from you.

Shops & Manufacturers

Model aircraft shops and manufacturers. If you would like your shop or business added please drop us a line or fill in a form.


Aircraft museums from around the world.