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Clubs, glossaries, museums, shops and much more......

...all of your model making needs from one site.

Kids Activities

Activities including lots of free downloads and project ideas for young and old alike. Great for that rainy afternoon during the school holidays when the kids are looking for something else to do.

Macrame Bracelets

Once you have mastered the knots these are easy and simple to make.

Glues - read about different types of glue along with reviews

in our model engineering glossary.

also we have material reviews.

Bead Bracelets

Ideas along with hints and tips on how to make them.

Cake Toppers

These characters are great for decorating cakes for special occasions

Cardboard Trinket Boxes

Print out, score, cut, fold and glue to produce your own boxes.

Colouring in Pictures

Pictures for you to print out and colour in.


Print off the doll, cut-out and colour in.


Print out, score, cut, fold and glue to produce your own dice.

Fashion Cut-out-Doll

Print off the doll, colour in, cover in sticky-back-plastic, cut-out and then enjoy creating outfits.

Felt Bear

Pattern and instructions for a simple felt bear. Ideal as a beginners sewing project for a child.

Nut Cracker

The traditional nut cracker as a print, colour, cut-out and hang up decoration. Great for the kids at Christmas or actually any time of year.

Oven Bake Clay Snakes

Boys and girls will love making snakes whatever age they are with the help of adult supervision or without.

Paper Aeroplanes

Paper aeroplanes to print out with clear folding instructions and ideas for further decorations.


The traditional Mexican Pinata has been adapted here to make a fun item for children to make.

T-shirt Scented Bags

These are easy to make and great gifts.