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Model Boat Articles & Gallery

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Self Calibrating Water Tank gauge

This may not be quite the right section, but the principles of how this operates may get you thinking about other uses for this very useful gauge.

Small Tugboat

A tiny 3.5" long tugboat built by Richard Hyams.

64 Gun Ship

16th Century, 64-Gun, British Ship. Scratch built model by Dennis Holmes at 1/96th scale.

USS Constellation

The Last Surviving Ship of the Civil War, and the last all sail powered warship built by the US Navy.

GT400 fast electric racing

What do you get when you take a Club 500 and an Eco 400 and put them in a mixing bowl and stir? The answer is an all new class of fast electric model boat currently nicknamed GT 400.

Modélisme d'arsenal

Le modélisme d'arsenal est un art véritable qui s'apprend avec patience et persévérance, mais reste toujours perfectible.

Club 500 Review Update

Since my original review I have now sailed and raced this boat for a year now, and have learnt a few lessons and made a few modifications within the rules, which I shall now pass on to those interested.

AsTec's Scud Review

This is a formula for people who enjoy racing and want an added element of unpredictability, who will find it very appealing.

Southend Model Power Boat Club Festival of Boating Weekend

For the past couple of years the Southend Model Power Boat Club (SMPBC) has put on a weekend of model boating, at it's club waters in Southchurch Park. This meeting is primarily to promote the club and the hobby of model boating to the general public. This event is staged around the first weekend in August, and is ideally timed for local people and tourists in the prime of the summer holiday season. It also tends to provide a large turn out of the club members and guests of the club.

Model Slipway's Club 500 Fast Electric Boat Kit Review

Fast electric boat racing has been around for a number of years now, but it only really started to gain popularity over the last ten years as cell, motor and electronic speed controllers have evolved.

Lane Brothers model boats

Thames Tug BoatA Thames tug boat by Ron Lane, 36" long 10" beam electric powered radio controlled.

Charles Darley's model boats

Lights, Sirens, Smoke & Sounds

If you want to make your model more interesting how about adding lights, sirens or sounds?