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New Sections, New Methods

We have just started moving the Tools and Materials section across from the very old-fashioned html hand coded pages to a wordpress based system - let me know your thoughts or comment online on the pages.

We will gradually enhance, improve and move more pages to this format as we go.

Nigel | 2 April 2016


Have just added a page on the Crankshaft to our glossary pages and it is all about me making a single throw crank from a solid piece of mild steel.

The cable-tie is a just in case way to hold the 2 nuts and small piece of threaded bar that is there to react the force that you apply axially machining the shaft between centres.

Nigel | 13 March 2016

Hint′s of Rust in Workshop

Last weekend I looked at one of my lathes and there were hints of rust on the chuck and topslide, odd as my workshop is very dry, but just to be sure I have put one of the commercial Calcium Chloride Moisture Traps on a shelf to see what I can catch.

I will update this note in a week or so and let you know how much water has been collected. More details on this product can be found here: The pack with two sachets of calcium chloride that will collect a total of 2 litres of water cost me 2.99 in a local hardware store. Read more: Rust - a glossary page

Nigel | 8 November 2015

Vacuum Engine

Have just been talking to Mick Cherry and his new vacuum engine, designed by him and shown below driving the flywheel from his Loyal engine.

We will pull together some more images and more complete description of the engine to share with you - Mick Cherry Vacuum Engine

Nigel | 11 October 2015


Just had to make a is the video of the escapement working for the first time.

Nigel | 6 June 2015

Paper Engineering

Engineering comes in all sorts of forms and this is demonstrated by - the most amazing pop-up cards that have been engineered.

Nigel | 15 February 2015

Milling Machine

The Amadeal Milling Machine is playing up again, it just keeps stopping. I have to then wind the speed down, hit the stop button, hit the start button and wind the speed back up.

Has anybody else experience this problem?

Must admit that when I bought my last lathe it was exactly this concern that made me go for an old fashioned single speed motor and a multi-step belt drive - Warco WM240B - and it is brilliant.

Nigel | 1 February 2015


So I thought I would start the year with a new tool and the thing that always keeps me entertained is alignment of the milling machine. I looked around at what I could buy and was shocked by the prices of around 100 for a laser alignment device and this got me thinking...I could make one of these.

A laser, lens and battery box will cost you roughly 10 plus p&p.

I machined all of the parts in about 2 hours including time to think about dimensions and to design parts.

I actualy think that this type of laser pointer is as good as if not better than the roughly 100 ones that are around with the suppliers at the moment.

You can read the complete description and see a video of the tool in use here: Laser Alignment Tool

Nigel | 17 January 2015