1/12th Scale Antiques Shop

1/12th scale antiques shop

This 1/12th scale antiques shop was made along with all of the contents by Roy Louis Taylor (1929 – 2000). The following video shows me reassembling the shop after a thorough clean of every part of the model. The flap on the letter box has “Letters” etched into the brass and opens for post. The … Read more

1/8th Scale Cake Shop

miniature cake shop

This miniature 1/8th Scale Cake Shop was made some time ago by Nigel Taylor and Eileen Careless. The 1/8th scale cake shop was designed to hang on the wall as a 3 dimensional picture. The shop itself is just 80mm deep with a board at the bottom protruding a further 50mm that forms the pavement … Read more

Model Shop Cabinet

The idea was to create a cabinet for Beatrice in the style of a shop. There wasn’t any desire to make this any particular scale, what we wanted was a cabinet of a certain size and so that dictated the dimensions. 14.5 inches (365mm) wide and 13.5 inches (340mm) high (to the top of the … Read more

1/12th Scale Globe

The end result displayed at the moment in what I describe as the model cube. I must admit that having thought about making a 1/12th scale globe my first problem was either making or finding a ball of the correct size. After some scanning through antique books I had a basic idea in my head … Read more

Bog Oak Chair

Some years ago I was given some pieces of bog oak, roughly 1″ x 1″ x 4″. I painted the ends with PVA glue and placed them in the eaves of my shed and forgot about them. Enough time for them to dry out and any splitting to have occurred. Well I’d been looking at … Read more