Stefan Gasparin Gallery

Gasparin V12

We had to have a Stefan Gasparin gallery page as he is for me the number one person in the design and manufacture of CO2 engines. These are engines that use compressed CO2 as their energy source and primarily designed for indoor free-flight model aircraft. Stefan has been making CO2 motors since 1972, but started … Read more

Model Engine Transistor Ignition

TIM-6 Transistor Ignition

For a while I have been looking around at model engine transistor ignition systems. Wondering what to buy or even just build from a circuit design. The I saw the kit that is available from (this is actually: The ignition systems and parts are actually on their sister site: I bought a … Read more

Making a Wooden Propeller

Propeller on 5 cylinder rotary engine

In particular, making a wooden propeller for the five cylinder rotary engine. I made a simple propeller using 5 different layers, 3 layers of walnut and 2 layers of plywood. So actually more than 5 layers. The propeller was drawn out very simply in form and then I copied the outline 5 times and on … Read more

The Rotary Engine

five cylinder rotary engine

This short video clearly shows the relationship between crankshaft, conrods and cylinders for the rotary engine. In rotary engines the crankcase rotates with the propeller. The conrods rotate about the crank pin. These two rotational axes are parallel and half the length of the stroke apart. In this way the early engines removed the need … Read more

Sketches to Models to CAD

five cylinder rotary engine

I often work backwards, going from Sketches to Models to CAD. However, it works for me as it allows me to create something in the workshop. Sometimes I think this works really well and I think a good example is the five cylinder rotary engine. The only sketch I have of the engine before making … Read more