Heron meets War of the Worlds

Hero Engine

Moving forward to completion with my Heron of Alexandria engine and it has turned into Heron meets War of the Worlds. Pressing the form for the “sphere” and the initial runs were covered in my original post Heron of Alexandria Steam Engine. Since then I spent some time playing with ideas for the stand and … Read more



A thermosiphon is a method of passive heat exchange between the heat source and the heat sink. In the case here the engine is the heat source and the water tank is the heat sink. The fundamental issue when running the Whippet engine in this configuration was it was getting hot and the water was … Read more

A Peek Inside the Enjomor Whippet

Enjomor Whippet cylinder and valves

A peek inside the Enjomor Whippet was just too tempting, especially with a set of Wera Allen Keys laying nearby. The head of this Whippet engine is interesting as it is constructed as two layers. The combustion chamber has a heart shape cavity that links the sidevalves to the cylinder. The video shows us removing … Read more