Fizgig Stirling Engine

fizgig stirling engine

Engine build and author: Dick Barnes Having now reached that moment of retirement and with a fully kitted out workshop, this Fizgig stirling engine looked like an ideal subject to commission the new lathe. Fizgig is a Gamma Stirling engine in which the power piston is not mounted coaxially to its displacer piston. The advantage … Read more

Miniature Oscillating Engine

miniature oscillating engine

This is a tiny oscillating engine that was made by Roy Taylor around 1995-1998 Up close like this it doesn′t look quite so beautiful. However, in the images below you can see it against a common match and you then get the scale – quite remarkable. Compressed air/steam goes in through the pipe and exhausts … Read more

Horizontal K-Type Engine Configuration

k-type engine rapid prototype

Horizontal K-Type engine configuration proposed and analysed by Rushiraj Kadge. This engine boasts the following benefits: Better balanced (percentage difference between unbalance forces as compared to existing configurations is more than 45%). This means more power can be extracted from Horizontal K configuration. The proposed configuration has least frictional losses. CG height of proposed configuration … Read more

MyfordBoy Lamppost Engine

myfordboy lamppost engine

A collection of videos on the MyfordBoy Lamppost Engine build. Since creating the original lamppost engine and then the pdf plans for this engine I have started to get feedback on engines that are being built. The first of the builds is by MyfordBoy. I think famous for the superb traction engine, but also a … Read more

Bob & Ron Lane

Bob and Ron Lane Models

Background Bob & Ron Lane were Cockneys from the East End of London. They remember going through most of the Blitz sitting under the kitchen table. Bombed out twice but survived. Richard Lane, a distant relative, worked as a bricklayer for Isambard K Brunel on the first Thames tunnel in the 1800s. Mentioned in the … Read more