Windrider Fox

Windrider Fox

A blast from the past with a review of the Windrider Fox by Dave Taylor. I first came across this Fox on the Internet as it was being advertised on a few sites. This lead me onto the Windrider site and it was from here that I purchased this model. The site which is … Read more

Making a Wooden Propeller

Propeller on 5 cylinder rotary engine

In particular, making a wooden propeller for the five cylinder rotary engine. I made a simple propeller using 5 different layers, 3 layers of walnut and 2 layers of plywood. So actually more than 5 layers. The propeller was drawn out very simply in form and then I copied the outline 5 times and on … Read more

The Alula by Dream Flight

The Alula by Dream Flight

The Alula by Dream Flight was written by Dave Taylor in 2007, a blast from the past. It’s true! Great things do come in small packages. The Alula – a small glider from Michael Richter. I had read a couple of articles about this kit and was quite keen to have one. I ordered mine … Read more

Single Engine Twin Propeller Mosquito

Single engine twin propeller Mosquito

Engine, Model and Article by Bob Lane Well its finished, one de Havilland 98 Mosquito with a Merco 35 two-stroke glow engine. A single engine twin Propeller Mosquito using a flexible drive bought from a B&Q store. The flexible drive originally had a drill chuck on the end for use with an electric portable drill. … Read more

How to Make a Dummy Engine from Scrap

lane brothers dummy engine

Design and made by Robert Lane This article “How to Make a Dummy Engine from Scrap” was written by Bob Lane nearly 20 years ago. Over the years Bob and Ron Lane contributed a huge amount to these pages on the models they made, everything from model engines that used a common cylinder, piston and … Read more