Single Engine Twin Propeller Mosquito

Single engine twin propeller Mosquito

Engine, Model and Article by Bob Lane Well its finished, one de Havilland 98 Mosquito with a Merco 35 two-stroke glow engine. A single engine twin Propeller Mosquito using a flexible drive bought from a B&Q store. The flexible drive originally had a drill chuck on the end for use with an electric portable drill. … Read more

How to Make a Dummy Engine from Scrap

lane brothers dummy engine

Design and made by Robert Lane This article “How to Make a Dummy Engine from Scrap” was written by Bob Lane nearly 20 years ago. Over the years Bob and Ron Lane contributed a huge amount to these pages on the models they made, everything from model engines that used a common cylinder, piston and … Read more

Radio Controlled Aerotowing

Dave Taylor model aircraft

by Dave Taylor & Gary Church In the early 80’s we first tried radio controlled aerotowing but it was to be some 10 years later before we finally got round to some serious glider flying due to trying Scale and Aerobatics first. We have learnt many valuable lessons through trial and error (we have written … Read more

Trip to the Lake

trip to the lake

Dave “SKIPPY” Taylor’s trip to the lake, 18th February 2001. We finally did it, we managed to go SPLASHING ABOUT with a floatplane. I was the first to fly (brave or stupid!). After a few short taxi trials, creating some ripples on the other wise still water. The model was lined up in to what little … Read more