Burrell Traction Engine

Burrell on Wheels

The latest status of the Burrell traction engine, you can find links to all of the posts on the build on the Miniature Traction Engine page. Here though is a brief youtube showing me moving it around and some stills of the engine to date. The firebox door opens and took me a little while … Read more

Solid Rear Axle

Burrell rear axle

OK, this isn’t a solid rear axle like a 1960’s muscle car. This is an actual solid round phosphor bronze bar that supports both rear wheels on the Burrell traction engine. The rear axle is fixed and the wheels then rotate independently on each side. Inboard of each wheel there is a gear that is … Read more

Whippet Trolley Wheels

whippet trolley wheels

Most stationary engines are on a trolley, hence I though I should make a set of Whippet trolley wheels. As it happened we visited Wimpole Hall and there in the farmyard were some vehicles that might give some inspiration. The design that feels more in keeping with a trolley wheel is the one on the … Read more



A thermosiphon is a method of passive heat exchange between the heat source and the heat sink. In the case here the engine is the heat source and the water tank is the heat sink. The fundamental issue when running the Whippet engine in this configuration was it was getting hot and the water was … Read more

Model Making Style

Whippet Cooling Tank

I posted a picture of the undercoated cooling tank and received a comment that this didn’t appear to fit with my other work. This made me wonder if there is a model making style and do I have a style? The question was raised as I was sent this engine to review and I started … Read more