Bog Oak Chair

Some years ago I was given some pieces of bog oak, roughly 1″ x 1″ x 4″. I painted the ends with PVA glue and placed them in the eaves of my shed and forgot about them. Enough time for them to dry out and any splitting to have occurred. Well I’d been looking at … Read more

Rowland Vacuum Engine

Rowland Vacuum Engine is an engine made by Mick Cherry. This is the Nick Rowland Flame Engine or Vacuum Engine. They seem to be called by a number of names, but in the end they are all vacuum engines. It really is a good design, Nick told me it took him months to get it … Read more

Open Crank Farm Engine

open crank farm engine

An Open Crank Farm Engine by Mick Cherry. The open crank farm engine was made after I had purchased a new lathe. I thought I would build something simple just to iron out any problems. The outcome is a terrific little engine, dead simple to make, the main frame is all made from 1/4 ally … Read more

Loyal Cycle Engine

A model Loyal cycle engine by Mick Cherry. This engine has undergone some major design changes to get it running exactly right and so you will see some changes to the design as it progresses through the article. I knew about the Loyal Cycle engine but had put it to the back of my mind. After … Read more

Hit and Miss Engine

A Hit and Miss engine by Mick Cherry. I had the flywheels, main frame and base castings for a gas engine which I think they were from Bruce Engineering. I made these the starting point for the engine. Having then decided the bore and stroke, I just did some loose sketches of what I wanted … Read more

Anzani Engine

Anzani 3 cylinder engine

This engine was made by Mick Cherry. A 48cc petrol three cylinder Anzani engine 1910Y type as used in the Deperdussin monoplane an example of which is at the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden. The model engine was designed by Les Chenery and has a slipper big end and coil ignition the points hidden inside … Read more

Vacuum Engine

Mick has built a number of engines (see list at the end of this article) and has already built a vacuum engine from a plan. The vacuum engine is also known as “Atmospheric Engine” and as a “Flame Eater”. This engine is different in that it is one of Mick Cherry′s own designs and when … Read more

Double Acting Oscillating Engine

double acting oscillating engine

This double acting oscillating engine started when I bought the Warco WM240b and I wanted something substantial to make and the idea of a large rather agricultural oscillating engine popped into my head. The original intention was that it would be a one piece quarter inch thick steel plate that everything fixed to, but even … Read more

Stuart 10V

stuart turner logo

I made this model from castings over 35 years ago when I was 14. Most of the machining was done on a Unimat 3 lathe and milling machine. The Unimat 3 is a tiny lathe and hence the need to split the valve connecting rod into 2 parts to machine it as the swing was … Read more