Prometheus Kiln Handle

prometheus kiln handle

Prometheus kiln handle designed and made by Alan at Woody’s Workshop. The Prometheus kilns are quite small and a reasonable weight at just under 6kg. But they can still be awkward to move around. In my small workshop I find myself keeping the kiln in it’s original packaging when not in use. Thus protecting it from knocks … Read more

Perfectly Balanced Hammer

Harris book hammer

This might be the most perfectly balanced hammer. Let’s come back to this, I’ve been flicking through and reading sections of K. N. Harris’ book on boilers and boiler making. This is in response to me trying to develop the small vertical boiler. This is a great book and covers design, building and operating boilers. I … Read more

Graver Handle

hand graver

A graver handle is just a turned wooden handle with a brass ferule around the neck to stop it splitting. The high speed steel graver is then just tapped into a pre-drilled hole in the handle. Simple, but I wanted something a bit more elegant. Also, as I’m starting out I want to be able … Read more

Small Planishing Hammer

I saw a small homemade hammer on one of the engineering forums and it just made me wonder about making my own, especially as I have a collection of hammers arranged on the wall of my workshop and I would love a small planishing hammer. The head was turned and milled from a piece of … Read more

Warco Lathe Stop

I’ve been using my Warco WM240B lathe for a number of years and although I’m not a great admirer or saddle stops I thought it was about time I made one.   The starting point is a piece of square cast iron. I marked a line with a square and a pencil, as you can … Read more