Lathework and Milling for Beginners

lathework and milling for beginners

A few people have asked me recently how to start in the world of model engineering. I often suggest that people find a local club or book onto the SMEE course. However, these two books would not be a bad start either: Title: Lathework for Beginners Author: Neil Wyatt A lathe is one of the … Read more

Samurai 120 CNC Machine

Samurai 120 CNC Machine

Samurai 120 CNC Machine was the brainchild of Ben Izen. The initial series of machines are being funded by a kickstarter page that is running until 30th November 2021. The specifications and features of the Samurai 120 CNC machine are impressive: Spindle BT30 1.2kW 6000rpm Pneumatic drawbar 350mm (13.5″) Spindle nose to table 280x190x220mm XYZ travel … Read more

CAD Software II

exploded CAD of oscillating steam engine

CAD Software II or more simply a second go at learning FreeCAD. Back in March 2019 I looked at CAD software options. I installed FreeCAD 0.17 and had a go at creating a flywheel. Then my interest fizzled out, mainly because the learning curve was too steep. However, I then had a bit more time, so … Read more

Genmitsu 3020-Pro Max

Sainsmart 3020-pro

News on the reveal of the new Sainsmart Genmitsu 3020-pro Max on 27th September 2021. Enhanced design and increased Z Height of 72mm with the Genmitsu 3020-PRO MAX. The all metal spindle holder and 300W spindle makes metal carving easier. Not limited to wood or extremely slow jobs engraving metals. The new 3020-PRO MAX can engrave … Read more

Tool Height Setter

tool height setter

Alan (Woody’s Workshop) has designed and made a hall effect tool height setter. Just a brief overview here, head over to Alan’s page where there are more details along with a PDF download that gives circuit design and full mechanical details – Hall Effect Based Tool Height Setter for use with PathPilot. This homemade sensor works … Read more

Bolt Base

bolt base flyer

Sometimes I’m just surprised and delighted by great customer service, this time it was Bolt Base and I just had to post a quick note. I ordered bolts from yesterday afternoon and they arrived this morning. Their prices are very competitive and initial inspection says the parts are good. BoltBase is a family run … Read more

Machine DRO Giveaway

machine DRO giveaway

OK, this machine DRO giveaway has an expiry date of 1st March 2021 – this competition has ended. Also, you need to go onto Instagram and search for machine_dro, then look for their giveaway post. Then their are some easy steps: MASSIVE £400+ MITUTOYO GIVEAWAY – Win an exclusive Mitutoyo bundle worth over £400!!! 🤩 … Read more

2020 a Year of Projects

2020 projects

2020 a Year of Projects, tool reviews, repairs and upgrades all in this overview posting, plus a happy new year to all from I want to look forward to projects and ideas for 2021, but firstly I thought it was worth just looking at what has been achieved in 2020, perhaps one of the … Read more

Model Making Blog

model making blog is a model making blog that has been online since 1998. 22 years of writing articles, assembling data and sharing information with people from across the world. We started with simple hand coded html pages, these were very simple pages with the simplest of code. The images were compressed and this was all designed … Read more

Trustee from the Toolroom

Trustee from the Toolroom

“Trustee from the Toolroom” by Nevil Shute was first published in 1960. Keith Stewart is an ordinary man. However, one day he is called upon to undertake an extraordinary task. When his sister’s boat is wrecked in the Pacific, he becomes trustee for his little niece. In order to save her from destitution he has … Read more