Finishing Touches

engine crankcase, crank and cylinder

Coronavirus has given me time to think and my thoughts have been around the models that are half built and what it means to complete and get to the finishing touches. Firstly though, how do we get to the point that a model is not or cannot be finished? Moving house Not enough hours to … Read more

CAD Software

freecad screenshot

For some time I’ve been thinking about moving away from the drawing board and using CAD. OK, it’s 2019 and there have been a lot of perfectly good CAD packages out there for a number of years, the problem is I’ve been nervous of the amount of hours I need to put into learning how … Read more

Midlands Engineering Show 2018

model engine

Another year and a visit to the Midlands Model Engineering show 2018 on the Fosse Way just outside Leamington Spa. I thought it might be nice to share some images of models and link to some of the trade stands that I visited. The first model engine that caught my eye was this 4″ Burrell … Read more

Prize for The Best April 2018 Article

A really small digital caliper will be the prize for the best article that is submitted and used on in April 2018. This is a brand new 3″ digital caliper, in a case with a spare battery – I will post to the winner anywhere in the world. Submissions: can be on any model … Read more

Off Grid Power

I was wondering what I could run off grid and wanted to start with an off-grid phone experiment, not really that radical, but more something for me to test the latest technology and to do the calculations around batteries, solar panels and power consumption – does it really add up? 2nd December 2017: Samsung Phone … Read more

Rotary Tool Reviews

If you’re about to buy your first rotary tool or replace one that has failed then check out Rotary Tools Guy There are a lot of tool manufacturers covered: Black and Decker, DeWalt, Dremel, Hitachi, Kawasaki, Milwaukee, Proxxon, SE, Wen So, check out Wade Williamson’s site and might be worth dropping him a line if … Read more

History of Model Engineering

stuart engine stood on model engineering magazines

I was wondering what some of the major highlights would be in the timeline of model engineering….so I thought I would do some digging and list them out: 1880’s Bing’s first model trains hit the market. 1891 Märklin formalized several standards for track gauges. 1898 Model Engineer magazine first published by Percival Marshall. 1898 Bassett-Lowke … Read more

Plans for New Models

Autumn is here and it is time to plan for a model to make over winter. Lots of weekends and cold dark evenings in the workshop. So lets have a look at the different plans, kits and ideas out there. Kits: Stuart Models – always a favourite and at the moment they have some special … Read more

Beer and Steam Engines

Carlsberg brewery, beer tasting and a stationary steam engine added in for good measure – just how perfect could a day get? This vertical steam engine sits in the museum at the Carlsberg brewery and museum in Copenhagen. I really like the detail of the wavy groove in the slide and the drip oiler at … Read more

A Tool Sellers Market

There are lots and lots of tools for sale on eBay and so I wondered just how much can be made buying tools at car-boot sales and selling them online? So for £2 I bought a gas blow torch, little effort required other than a polish with a rag, a couple of photographs and a … Read more