Flexible Boat Building

The viking boat museum recreate boats using old methods of splitting logs with an axe, a key advantage of this method is that you get long grain in the resultant planks and so they are very flexible – you can see the boats that have been reconstructed using the methods used by the Vikings are very flexible. A very … Read more

Sieg SX2.3

The Sieg SX2.3 milling machine is a machine for the model maker or hobbyist. I often have a browse around to look at the latest milling machines and to see if there is anything new. This means looking at Warco, Axminster Tools and ArcEuro – the latter two selling Sieg Industries made machines. On the … Read more

Skelton Saws

Skelton saws scarborough – just beautiful handmade saws to very traditional designs Source: Our Products – Skelton Saws