Bedford Bandsaw Blades

Bedford bandsaw blade

The Record Power BS250 had lost its edge and so I went and bought some Bedford bandsaw blades. The BS250 bandsaw is available with a number of different makers marks on it. However, this is a good functional bandsaw for the hobbyist. I think a bandsaw is one of the most important tools in the … Read more

Dormer Centre Drill

Dormer Centre Drill

Just bought a few Dormer centre drill bits as my box of centre drills are getting very tired. By tired I mean worn. Not having an accurate sharpening method means for small centre drills (~1/8th inch or 3mm) I tend to throw them away and get new ones. I know that is wasteful and I need … Read more

Prometheus Kiln Handle

prometheus kiln handle

Prometheus kiln handle designed and made by Alan at Woody’s Workshop. The Prometheus kilns are quite small and a reasonable weight at just under 6kg. But they can still be awkward to move around. In my small workshop I find myself keeping the kiln in it’s original packaging when not in use. Thus protecting it from knocks … Read more