Do I need a Digital Micrometer?

Moore & Wright Micrometer

I’ve been thinking about my machining accuracy and asking myself the question: “Do I need a Digital Micrometer?”. So I thought I would discuss it here and see whether I can logically work it through. Why do I think I need a digital micrometer? In my normal machining I use a digital caliper, actually I … Read more

Veritas Marking Gauge

The brass and black main body of the Veritas marking gauge makes it very distinctive, this is the fine adjust version and so the thumb wheel lock for the body and the threaded lock/fine adjustment. The instructions are simple and not really needed as this is so simple to use. The only useful insight to … Read more

Scriber from Scrap

scriber and bit

The “Scriber from Scrap” is a simple project made from leftovers that is great for those new and old to engineering. Some time ago I bought a solid carbide 3mm diameter end mill to remove a broken tap. The first thing is why did I not buy a slot drill as this would have been … Read more

DIN 875 Flat Square

A review of a DIN 875 Flat Square, an engineers square. Must admit that I saw this small flat square and immediately had to buy one. The number of times I have been working on something and wanted a square that would lie flat on the workpiece so that I could mark out. Or a … Read more