Maun Industries Smooth Parallel Pliers

parallel pliers

I saw someone on the BBC Repair Shop using a pair of parallel pliers, so I did some searching and saw these Maun Industries Smooth Parallel Pliers. Made in the UK and you can buy them direct from the manufacturer Maun Industries Ltd. As a hobby model maker I had not heard of this company … Read more

Draper General Pliers

A review of the Draper General Pliers. A general use pair of pliers. These are quite small in size which makes them great for a household toolset. The quality is ok, not great, but not shocking. The handles have a nice feel to them and a good grip, they do not feel like they are … Read more

Keiba High Grade Combination Pliers

A review of the Keiba high grade Combination Pliers. The real beauty of these pliers is the bearing that gives an absolute silky smooth action. No matter what force is applied they do not lock up – well the force I can apply with my hands and they are brilliant. Price: 33 euros from … Read more