Bedford Bandsaw Blades

Bedford bandsaw blade

The Record Power BS250 had lost its edge and so I went and bought some Bedford bandsaw blades. The BS250 bandsaw is available with a number of different makers marks on it. However, this is a good functional bandsaw for the hobbyist. I think a bandsaw is one of the most important tools in the … Read more

Proxxon DS230/e Fretsaw

The Proxxon DS230/e Fretsaw is a light small fretsaw that works very effectively and is easy to use at any level. Specification Machined worktable of die-cast aluminium, 160 x 160mm. ABS plastic body with side sliding panel for removal of saw dust. VDE approved 220/240V motor (85W) for prolonged, low noise performance. Quiet, wear-resistant toothed … Read more

Axminster AWVFS Variable Speed Fretsaw

A review of the Axminster AWVFS Variable Speed Fretsaw. I’ve been looking around for a jigsaw/fretsaw/scroll saw for some time. I need one for occasional use and this is what I ended up with. Specification Cuts per Minute 700-1,700 Max Depth of Cut: 28mm Motor Speed: 3,600 – 4,000rpm Nett Weight: 14kg Power: 90W Rating: … Read more

Proxxon Bench Circular Saw FKS/e

A review of the Proxxon Bench Circular Saw FKS/e. Specification 220 – 240V motor, 50/60Hz. Electronic speed control, with feedback effect, for speeds of 4,400 – 6,800rpm. Overall size: 300 x 262 x 170mm (without extension wing). Weight approx. 5.2kg. Table size: 295 x 240mm. Depth of cut: 1 – 22mm, uses all blades 50 … Read more

Proxxon Bench Circular Saw KS 230

Specification Machined, die-cast aluminium table of 160 x 160mm. Super cut blade 58mm dia., 80 teeth, individually set and sharpened, is included. Quiet, high performance 230V motor for prolonged use. Graduated mitre stop. Base of ABS with a sawdust door on the right. Adjustable fence with scale. Review I used this machine to cut up … Read more

Unimat 3 Circular Saw

unimat 3 converted to circular saw

A review of the Unimat 3 Circular Saw. The Emco Unimat 3 had a great circular saw attachment. The real benefit of this was the precision with which you can strip and machine wood for model making purposes. The only downside is the Unimat 3 motor is a tad underpowered for this type of work … Read more

Proxxon Cut off/mitre saw KGS 80

Specification 220 – 240V  200W  50/60 Hz 4,000 rpm Base with round table of highly stable, die-cast alu, with CNC milled fittings and slides. Table size 230 x 230mm. Weight 6kg. Consult the table for cutting capacities. Review Well it all started good enough, but the saw didn’t actually finish a cut before there was … Read more

Guide Bearing Failure on BS250

I went to change the blade on my Record BS250 bandsaw and the lower set of bearings were locked solid, you could just about feel movement if you rocked them back and forth. I removed the metal shields from the face of the bearings and as you can see they were full of sawdust. Interestingly all of the … Read more

Record BS250 Bandsaw

A review of the Record BS250 Bandsaw. My old bandsaw has broken, nothing too serious, but the casting around the guides broke and being a friction based guide system I just thought enough is enough. In addition it was a tad underpowered when cutting hardwoods of any size. So the time has come to purchase … Read more