Prometheus Kiln Handle

prometheus kiln handle

Prometheus kiln handle designed and made by Alan at Woody’s Workshop. The Prometheus kilns are quite small and a reasonable weight at just under 6kg. But they can still be awkward to move around. In my small workshop I find myself keeping the kiln in it’s original packaging when not in use. Thus protecting it from knocks … Read more

Soldering with Hot Air

soldering with a hot air gun

A friend mentioned soldering with hot air to me and that this is quite normal in the electronics industry. Must admit that I had not thought of it before. The hornplates and tub for my Burrell traction engine needed soldering together. I tried with a large 75W soldering iron and it was ok, but I … Read more

Silver Soldering with a Kiln

brass parts with flux and solder

Can silver soldering with a kiln create better quality joints? I bought a small kiln for heat treating parts and enameling. Then I thought about what else I could do with a kiln. Initially I tried using silver solder paste from CooksonGold. This silver solder paste works really well using a blowtorch. However, in the … Read more

Cooksongold Silver Solder Paste

door hinge on stainless steel jig

Whilst making some of the parts for the miniature traction engine I wanted a much finer silver soldered joint and so I bought some Cooksongold Silver Solder Paste to try. The silver solder is available in three different temperature ranges. I used the easy or lower temperature range product. Easy: melting range of 705°C – … Read more

Antex XS25 Soldering Iron

A review of the Antex XS25 Soldering Iron. I′ve had a 15W Weller soldering iron for around 15 years and up until last weekend was no trouble. Then it just stopped. So time to look for a new soldering iron – turn to the internet and reviews. The most favoured make appears to be Antex. … Read more