Kant Twist Clamp

kant twist clamp

The first Kant Twist Clamp, maybe a few more are needed to give me a set. With the arms being machined on the Genmitsu 3018-pro then these are not too bad to make. This initial set of parts that you are seeing as a completed clamp were my first proper cnc parts. Based on these … Read more


double threaded T-nuts

T-nuts are as the title says, a nut with a “T” cross-section. This means they can be used in a T-slot for retaining and fixing parts. The T-nut fits in a T-slot and so has to be made to certain dimensions. Below I have labelled the dimensions of a T-nut and in the table I … Read more


These are a cheap make that you find on garage forecourts and on market stalls. I saw these small clamps and thought they were worth testing at the very low price of £1.40 each. Copper plated steel screw, bar and foot. Heavily painted steel casting for the main body, no sharps edges and the cross-section … Read more