DTi Bracket Plan

DTi bracket in use in the lathe tool post

The DTi bracket plan is for a simple to make dial test indicator bracket that allows the Moore & Wright DTi to be held in the lathe tool post.

The DTi bracket as designed fits into a tool post designed to take 12mm or 1/2 inch lathe tools. The main leg of the design can be adapted easily to make it suitable for smaller lathes.

In addition to the pdf plan that you download here you will need:

  1. 1/2 inch x 3/8 inch mild steel 12 inches long
  2. 2x M4 caphead bolts 20mm long
  3. 2x M4 nuts
  4. 4x M4 washers
  5. 1x M3 caphead bolt 15mm long

Tools required:

  1. 2.5mm drill bit
  2. 3mm drill bit
  3. 4mm drill bit
  4. 6mm slot drill
  5. 1mm wide slitting saw – could be cut with a junior hacksaw
  6. M3 tap

This DTi bracket plan would make a great first tool project for an engineer or model engineer. The parts use a number of machining techniques on the milling machine and the accompanying blog post will help guide you. I have kept the design and materials as simple as possible, making this a great project to adapt to your own needs for a dial test indicator bracket.

My blog post on making the original DTi bracket.

NOTE: this download is just for the PDF file of the plan. The plans come as a pdf that you can download once you have paid, if there are any issues with the download please do drop me a line editor@glue-it.com