Lamppost Engine Plans

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Lamppost Engine

These Lamppost Engine Plans are for a model steam engine that is built onto a lamp post and generates electricity to light the lantern.

The download is a PDF of the plans and contains 17 pages of drawings, images and notes for you to use to construct your own model engine.


  • bore 16mm
  • stroke 10mm
  • flywheel 77.5mm diameter and 10mm wide
  • single acting
  • overall ~300mm high (not including base)
  • generator is a small motor driven by a wheel that rests on the flywheel

This engine is quite easy to make and the drawings include hints and tips.

The lamppost engine is featured in our main gallery. Also, there have been pages specifically around the construction of the lantern and these should help with the build process, dynamo for the lamppost engine.

Lamp Post EngineThis engine runs very smoothly on compressed air with it’s short stroke and reasonably big bore.

The lantern can be quite a challenge to mark out onto the brass sheet and so I have added a step by step page explaining the process.

This is a delightful engine even when static and gets a lot of admirers.

The plans come as a pdf that you can download once you have paid (there is a very subtle link on the confirmation page), if there are any issues with the download please do drop me a line