Optical Centre Punch

Plans for this small optical centre punch. The plans have all dimensions and instructions on how to make it this centre punch that will transform your life in terms of how accurate you can centre a hole.

  1. Place the base on the workpiece
  2. Put the optical centre into the base
  3. Align the cross-hairs / circle / dot (different options are described in the plans) on the marks on the workpiece
  4. Whilst holding the base in place
  5. Remove the optical centre
  6. Insert the hardened centre
  7. Tap the top of the hardened centre once with a small hammer
  8. Done

The plans are a digital download. The link to the download is available once payment is confirmed – look out for the link on the confirmation page.

I have charged a nominal small amount as it feels fair that someone might buy me a coffee in return for a set of plans.