Watercolour Paintbox Plans

watercolour paintbox

Plans for a watercolour paintbox that is just 85mm in diameter and 28mm thick. The perfect paintbox for days out. Designed to contain six standard half pans of your choice, a brush and a water container.

This download is a pdf file of the plans so that you can make this small watercolour set.

I used standard watercolour half pans from Winsor and Newton along with the Winsor and Newton folding watercolour brush. Half pans are a standard size and so this will work with other makes. The brush could be made from a cut-down brush and could have an extendable handle using a brass tube that slides over the wooden handle.

The watercolour paintbox could be made from a number of different types of wood. For this small scale it is best to use a fine grain wood.

The finish is completely up to you, I used a light wax polish and hope that this will get a lovely patina with time.

The plans come as a pdf that you can download once you have paid, if there are any issues with the download please do drop me a line editor@glue-it.com

Happy painting.