Engine Types

A basic list of all of the different types of engines:

  • Compressed Air Engine – essentially a steam engine, but a engine that operates from a tank or supply of compressed air.
    • System Efficiency of using compressed air – looks at the block diagram of the stages and losses in compressing and then using air as an energy vector.
  • Diesel Engine – an internal-combustion engine in which the fuel is injected into the cylinder near the end of the compression stroke and is ignited by the heat of the compressed air in the cylinder.
  • Gas Turbine – a turbine driven by the expansion of burning fuel.
  • Petrol Engine – an internal-combustion engine in which the fuel is petrol that is drawn or injected into the cylinder along with air and ignited with an electric spark. There are a number of different configurations of internal combustion engines.
  • Steam Engine – an engine that uses steam to produce useful work.
  • Steam Turbine – a turbine driven by steam expansion through the blades of the turbine.
  • Stirling Engine – an external combustion engine.

The development of engines through time is an interesting view on how we have developed our knowledge, materials and our machining skills. Along with some significant inventive jumps.