Just starting out doing some very basic CNC engraving, perhaps just 2.5D, but thought I would list and explain the terminology as I learn.


Calibrating the CNC machine

Step 0: Collect All the Tools
Step 1: Level the Base
Step 2: Square the Bridge (X-Y Alignment)
Step 3: Square the Front-to-Back Backbone (Z-Y Alignment)
Step 4: Square the Side-to-Side Backbone (Z-X Alignment)
Step 5: Alignment of the 4th and 5th Axis

CNC – Computer Numerical Control, and commonly called CNC is the automated control of machining tools.

GCode –  

step 5 of the squaring process

Squaring Stock

The process is primarily designed to square a piece of stock ready for the cnc. However, it could be used for general machining as well.

tool height setter

Tool Height Setter

Alan (Woody’s Workshop) has designed and made a hall effect tool height setter. Just a brief overview here, head over to Alan’s page where there are more details along with a PDF download that gives circuit design and full mechanical details – Hall Effect Based Tool Height Setter for use with PathPilot.