A Peek Inside the Enjomor Whippet

A peek inside the Enjomor Whippet was just too tempting, especially with a set of Wera Allen Keys laying nearby.

Enjomor Whippet Head

The head of this Whippet engine is interesting as it is constructed as two layers. The combustion chamber has a heart shape cavity that links the sidevalves to the cylinder.

The video shows us removing the bottom cover and looking at the two part crankshaft before removing the head. Finally we fit the exhaust and carburetor.

Enjomor 10cc whippet Engine - Stirlingkit


  • Vertical Single Cylinder Four-Stroke
  • Size: 113 x 117 x 112mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Displacement: 10cc
  • Bore: 25mm and Stroke: 19mm
  • Rotation speed: 2000-6000rpm
  • Power: 0.5ps
  • Water cooled
  • Hand pull start / Electric drill start
  • Independent lubrication
  • Fuel: gasoline.

This appears to be a well constructed engine. Next stage is to get a cooling tank made up and plumbed in so that we can start running it.

Wera Hex Plus Allen Keys

Wera Hex Plus Allen Keys

These Wera Hex Plus allen keys are proper good quality. I bought them for the ball end. However, here is my brief list of features:

  1. Ball end is on the long end of the L-shaped allen key. Great for most difficult access.
  2. Very long allen keys means you can apply quite high torques.
  3. Good secure fitting into caphead bolts. They even appear to grip the rubbish capheads supplied with some machines
  4. Colour coded and labelled makes them easy to find even on my cluttered bench.
  5. Plastic holder is pliable and means I will keep the set together.

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