Burrell Hub Caps

Time to make the Burrell hub caps.

front wheel hub cap bolted to front wheel

I made the hub caps for the front wheels some time ago. I do need to go back and change the bolts from steel to brass, but otherwise these are finished.

The rear axle for the Burrell is a fixed solid piece of 1/4″ phosphor bronze. This is threaded to take a 4mm bolt at each end to locate the wheels on the axle. Thus allowing the wheels to rotate freely. The hub cap then fits over these bolts with clearance around the bolt head.

Burrell rear axle
The solid rear axle in place and the bolt head showing.
drawing for rear hub cap on Burrell

I dug out my original drawing for this hub cap, it appears to date from 2 years ago, have I really been making this engine that long?

I could make this from a solid piece of brass, but I think it would be easier in two parts as I can then form the lobe on the back plate.

Some images from my workbench at the various stages of machining these parts.

parts for Burrell rear hub cap

Once I had these two parts I then had to silver solder them together.

These hub caps are fixed to the wheels using 3 off 10BA bolts each side.

The video shows how easily I index items such as these hub caps or cylinder end covers using my Unimat 3 Pillar Drill.

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