Burrell Traction Engine

The latest status of the Burrell traction engine, you can find links to all of the posts on the build on the Miniature Traction Engine page.

Here though is a brief youtube showing me moving it around and some stills of the engine to date.

Burrell Traction Engine
Burrell on Wheels

The firebox door opens and took me a little while to get right and a balance between scale and working.

front of the Burrell

Not sure how many smokebox doors and etched nameplates I made, somewhere between 10 and 20 before I got to this point.

Burrell traction engine
The Burrell Traction Engine

Please don’t ask the total number of hours taken so far, it will be a huge number. I’m hoping to turn this into a set of plans in the future. That is if you are interested (post comments below).

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