Solenoid Tractor Running

Designed as I went along, optimised the solenoid motor and now have the Solenoid Tractor running.

The tractor sounds and looks very much like a Field Marshall, the single cylinder engine being replicated by the heavy permanent magnets in the moving piston solenoid.

OK, it’s not fully painted, some areas have been left in undercoat.

The tractor is powered by a 9V PP3 battery, it runs for around 20 minutes on this. Hence probably best to use a rechargeable battery. I might look to see if I can package a better rechargeable battery longer term.

The battery is held under the brass plate. An elastic band holding it in place.

From underneath you can see the simple steering system with a bracket on the end of the steering column and a bracket on the front axle. Joined using a brass rod that is threaded 12BA on the ends. Thus allowing nuts to be used to capture the rob ends.

Solenoid Tractor Gears were CNC machined using the Genmitsu 3018. I made these from 1.6mm thick brass sheet and the gear profile is 1.5 module.

brass gears paired up into a reduction drive set

The piston of the solenoid motor pokes out the front as it runs.

Just need to paint the beading silver, need a steady hand for this.

The steering works, although a lack of differential does slow the tractor down around tight corners.

The gear lever operates the main switch.

Starting this is done by lifting the gear lever to switch it on and then flicking the flywheel.

plans now available

Solenoid Motor Plans

We have a set of plans that produce a simple solenoid motor. A great desktop executive toy.

Harley V-Twin Solenoid Motor

Another solenoid motor, this time a “four-stroke” solenoid motor.

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