1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV

A 1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV model engine by Bouland Motors

It was December 2015 and Marcel Bouland, scale model engine enthusiast and collector decided to develop a fully working 1:3 scale Cosworth DFV engine. Many people were asking if he wanted to sell one of his scale model engines, the answer was no. So it was time to make a small series from a very attractive scale model engine and yes, that had to be the COSWORTH DFV. Not only looking great, but with 155 Grand Prix victories between 1967 and 1983, the most legendary F1 engine ever built!

The research, development and machining process took almost 4 years and the budget was way out but it was well worth it! The scale model has a capacity of 76cc and it’s made with over 1,200 parts. The wonderful sounding high revving little V8 can rev up to 10.000 rpm producing about 7 bhp. All components of the engine are made in the Netherlands utilizing the best manufacturing companies the country has to offer.

Top quality was the utmost priority during the entire development stage. All parts went through rigorous testing, not only for aesthetics but also for performance, the engine even had titanium valves! Weekly, no more than two engines are being built. Before delivery, each engine is tested for about one hour to ensure proper break-in of the piston rings and liners, during this period each carburetor is also fully adjusted for optimal performance.

In any racing engine, the nearer you are to it disintegrating, the better it’s performance will be

Keith Duckworth, founder of Cosworth, designer of the Cosworth DFV

The dimensions of the engine including gearbox and exhaust are: Length 39cm, Height 19cm, and Width 24cm. The engine set includes a starterbox which consists of a little fuel tank, a tank for coolant, a 12V power source, and a mini snap-on toolbox to drain the oil or to change for example the idle setting if desired.


Bouland Motors USA

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