Enjomor Whippet Installation

Finally I can share the finished Enjomor Whippet Installation.

Enjomor Whippet

I was sent this engine by Stirlingkit.com, an engine based on an ET Westbury design.

Unpacking was quite fun as this engine arrives nearly ready to run.

The first step was to run the engine and I decided to at first run it on glow fuel. This is a very easy engine to run using glow fuel.

The only slight irritation is the throttle doesn’t have enough friction and tends to vibrate open. That might be best solved with a good old stationary engine fix of a piece of string.

The installation for the engine just sort of progressed with time in my head. There were some basics required to get it running.

Enjomor Whippet

The cooling tank was made from an old tin. Actually, to get the dimensions I wanted it was made from two tins.

However, first run with the plumbed in tank and the engine was hot and the tank of water was cold. Hmmm.

The trick as pointed out by someone online is to have a long enough length for the hot pipe and enough of a change in height for the hot water to rise. Thus creating a thermosiphon.

Enjomor Whippet fuel tank

Not sure I like the fuel tank, it is functional, but it is a tad undersized. The engine runs for around 5 minutes on glow fuel. Probably long enough for the neighbours!

The interesting part I did learn was that I could form brass over hardened MDF. This allowed me to create an interesting stand for the fuel tank.

Also, looking at this now I wish I had left the stand in plain brass and just the fuel tank painted red.

Enjomor Whippet Installation
trolley wheels

Then there are the trolley wheels. Inspiration came from a day out at Wimpole Hall and the wheels on the farm machinery.

I machined the four wheels from 1/4″ thick mild steel. This took some time, but in the end I think I got the overall look that I wanted of a stationary engine on a trolley.

enjomor whippet on a trolley
Enjomor Whippet exhaust

Not sure how many noticed the exhaust pipe end baffle? Originally this engine comes with a copper exhaust pipe just open at the end.

I thought it would be nice to baffle this in the fashion of what you might see on a stationary engine.

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