Model Making Style

I posted a picture of the undercoated cooling tank and received a comment that this didn’t appear to fit with my other work. This made me wonder if there is a model making style and do I have a style?

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Enjomor 10cc whippet Engine - Stirlingkit

The question was raised as I was sent this engine to review and I started to make it into something.

I have an idea in my head of this being a stationary engine on wheels to allow it to be moved around. However, this means blending a model made in numbers with CNC machines with my normal drive to make it look visually pleasing.

It might be that over the long Easter weekend that we turned this into a bit more fun by filming some silly sequences.

We did laugh and this youtube video is quite tame compared to the instagram stories. However, as much as this Enjomor Whippet engine is very well made, it’s not hand crafted on a manual lathe and milling machine. That to me gives the parts an aesthetic and gives me time to think about the design.

My work also tends to have a mix of materials and perhaps is not always perfect as I tend to follow form. The old saying “if it looks right, it must be right”, maybe taken to the next level of if it looks stylish.

plans for the five cylinder rotary engine

So, next time you are looking for a model to make I’m going to suggest you buy some plans.

Make all of the parts on manual machines and hand crafted. Then you will have something that embodies your creativity.

I’m not going to answer this fully as I’m not sure what it is and might have to ask someone else for comments.

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