Moore and Wright Desk Lamp

After picking up a cheap height gauge at a car boot, how could I resist making a Moore and Wright desk lamp?

Moore and Wright height gauge base

The base has a wonderful patina and somebody treasured this as they engraved their initials AST. However, this was in quite a state when I bought what was essentially a base with a bag of random fixings for £5. OK, that is quite a lot, but I could see it was M&W and I could see a hint of the patina.

desk lamp

My first desk lamp, made based on a lovely snub that I had acquired was 240V and I did get some critical comments for that, even though it was earthed and connected to an earth trip.

This machinists desk lamp still sits on my desk and is used now and again when I find myself sat in the dark.

This next lamp has a touch more heritage and a USB light unit, hence only 5V, completely safe.

USB light unit
brass cable guide

The two brass cable guides were bent up out of half-round brass and then silver soldered. You have to make these big enough to fit the micro-usb connector through and then the upright round bar. Check this before finally silver soldering or you will have to re-make them…….

I used silver-solder paste and my new micro butane torch, a perfect combination when silver soldering small parts.

moore and wright height gauge base

The base needed quite a bit of cleaning and a lot of care not to destroy the patina.

Once it was all clean I polished the base with some beeswax.

Moore and Wright Desk Lamp

Finally you get to see the Moore and Wright desk lamp.

Maybe I should have left the shade in it’s natural brass finish, but I like the blue as well.

The base is nice and heavy, this allows the light to be positioned fully extended without the risk of it toppling.

USB fitting for the light unit

As you can see I left the light unit and cable intact with the micro-USB fitting.

This means that in the future you can easily replace the cable and the light unit.

M&W desk lamp

The cable clips work really well, having just enough friction to stay in place.

The bolt through the lamp shade is to secure the LED array. These LED arrays were ~£1.50 each on ebay and are just 3W.

Plenty of light for the desk, now I just need to decide which of the machinists lamps that I should keep…..

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