Running the Enjomor Whippet

Running the Enjomor Whippet on glow fuel. I’ve made a cooling tank, part made a fuel tank and the engine is fix to an oak base. Before going too much further I really wanted to run this little engine.

The engine has a good quality engine oil in the sump. Must admit that I screwed the oil cap back in place and turned the engine upside down for a while, just to ensure the piston, conrod and bearings had some oil over them. I know the oil will get moved around by the splasher on the big end of the conrod, but nothing better than starting well oiled.

enjomor whippet engine

I made the fuel tank from brass sheet. However, before making the stand for the fuel tank I wanted to check what height the engine wanted the tank.

My original thought was to make the tank level with the needle valve. I think it would actually have been ok to have the tank sat directly on the wooden base.

Enjomor 10cc whippet Engine - Stirlingkit


  • Vertical Single Cylinder Four-Stroke
  • Size: 113 x 117 x 112mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Displacement: 10cc
  • Bore: 25mm and Stroke: 19mm
  • Rotation speed: 2000-6000rpm
  • Power: 0.5ps
  • Water cooled
  • Hand pull start / Electric drill start
  • Independent lubrication
  • Fuel: gasoline.

Enjomor Whippet

Unpacking the Enjomor Whippet

A parcel arrived from StirlingKit yesterday and I had to just calmly wait until this afternoon before unpacking the Enjomor Whippet.

Must state that this is a Paid Promotion as this is a gift from the StirlingKit team for me to review.

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