The Burrell Door

It’s taken a while to get back to working on the Burrell door. In particular making a new set of hinges for the curved door that I made a few weeks ago.

Burrell smokebox door

The Burrell smokebox already had two holes drilled to accept 8BA bolts. Therefore, one of my first jobs was to align the door and build a jig.

The Burrell door hinge

The hinge was made from a piece of 3/32″ diameter brass tube with a piece of steel rod through the centre.

The groove for the hinge tube was machined on the Sieg SX2.7 milling machine.

Note the 3mm thick plate that I made as a jig. This was to me used for machining and for silver oldering.

machining the groove for the hinge tube to sit in

The tape on the door and jig was just to try and prevent the door from moving with vibration. I made very small cuts and lots of them, thus ensuring I didn’t put too high forces on the door or bolt heads.

The Burrell door jig

Two this brass strips wrap around the tube and are riveted to the door. The bolts for the fixed part of the hinge are aligned, but spaced much further apart than in the final door arrangement. This spacing was done to give me enough room to cut the tube and then file to length and shape.

The Burrell door now has the correct curvature, the brass plaques are bolted to the door and the hinge is in place. Now I just need to add the beam to the smokebox so that this door can be bolted shut.

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