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Model House Articles & Gallery

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Mansions by Melanie

Cardboard models of houses built using heavy-textured paper and the details painted with acrylic paint. Made to order by Melanie.


A simple model screen.

The work of the Anne Frank Trust in Prisons

Whilst on a tour of the prison.......they mentioned that they might be able to do something for our exhibition, perhaps a model of the Anne Frank House. I said that would be a wonderful idea, but thought no more of it.........

Bog Oak Chair

A corner chair made from bog oak with a woven bamboo seat.

Model Shop Cabinet

A model of a shop or a cabinet, maybe a bit of each.


The legs are 4mm diameter and 48mm long, note the wider section that had grooves machined to hold the lower table (46mm diameter and 2mm thick). The height to the top of the main ring is 50mm. The final result is an authentic looking globe.

Oval Table

The legs and side boards were assembled using an engineers square to ensure that all was square. This was left to set before fixing the legs to the under surface of the oval top.

"Old House" - Part 2

This old house is built to 1:64 proportions, or s-scale. It is entirely built from scratch...from the lathe machine to the bicycle.

"Old House"

This one is done at a scale 1:64. If this looks familiar, it is actually based on a Fine Scale Miniatures HO kit, but on a bigger scale.


The mill has a gearing system from the fantail so that when the wind is direct on the front it wont turn, but from the side at any angle it will and through a worm gear turns the top or cap to make sails face into wind, about 100 to 1 gear ratio, it has glass windows and a lamp inside that looks great in the dark.

Dreoni Model Fair

Dreoni is the most famous shop in the town, the meeting point for every tuscan modelist. The fair, at his 30th edition, run in the week at the turn of the month of October.

Rosedale Fireplaces

A 1/12th scale dollshouse fire surround. It has round columns and a retangular recess. The surround is made out of resin and has a marble effect to it.

Card Modelling by Mike Stamper

Card models generally come in book form for the larger kits or as postcards for the smaller kits. The variety of subjects is very varied, including planes, cars, ships and buildings. As with the plastic fraternity, planes appear to be the most popular.

Fabio Bartoli's Paper Models

I started to build card models when I was thirty years old. The only other models I had ever built were the paper airplanes of infantile recall. The model of Caernarfon Castle was the first I built; I got, casually, the exemplar in my town, Florence. This was followed by the models of monuments I, with my wife, visited during our holidays. Their substance were mainly like a souvenir, not like a piece of modeling. So, from time to time, they could be very simple, like the Cathedral of Tournus.

1/8 Scale Cake Shop

This model shop was designed to hang on the wall as a 3 dimensional picture. The shop itself is just 80mm deep with a board at the bottom protruding a further 50mm that forms the pavement at the front of the shop. The main body of the shop was made from 3 layers of 3mm ply. Air drying clay was rolled into thin sheets and glued to the plywood carcase using PVA glue. The clay was covered with cling film (food wrap) to stop it drying too quickly.

1/12 Scale Fire Screen

The beauty of this small piece is in it's simplicity of design and construction. An elegant addition to any 1/12th scale house.

1/12 Scale Model Shop

A model of an antique shop. Building an antique shop allows you to mix furniture, paintings, ceramics and all manner of items from all ages.

1/12 Room in a frame

An excellent way of displaying a collection in a small setting that can be fitted with a frame and form a 3D picture.