There are suppliers that I go back to on a regular basis as they provide a great service to the model making community. Therefore, I thought I should compile a list both for me to use and to share. If you think someone needs adding to this list then drop me a line


  • BearingBoys – vast range of bearings, seals, belts and lubricants.

Cutting Tools

  1. Milling Cutters Store – specialist carbide tools for milling and cnc.
  2. Rennie Tools – milling cutters, router bits and circular saw blades.


  1. Dry Transfers – an easy way to get decals made and apply them to your models


Nuts and Bolts

  1. – BA and metric nuts and bolts. Brass, steel sizes available.
  2. – General nut and bolt supplier at good prices and fast service. I ordered countersunk M3 and M4 bolts and they arrived the next day – review of


  1. – small model engineering supplier. Sell brass, copper and iron rivets.

Hand Tools


  1. Maun Industries – this company have been making pliers since 1944 and they make some of the best. I reviewed the parallel smooth pliers some time ago and they have a permanent place on my workbench.

Taps and Dies

  1. Avon Taps and Die – this company can supply taps and dies for every thread. When it comes to taps and dies at the smaller sizes that model engineers use it is worth paying for quality. Hence this company is number 1 in my opinion.

Kits and Plans

  1. Model Engines – How often do you browse the internet looking for model engine kits and plans, sadly too many hours. There are a number of model engine kits and plans available and I thought I would try and list some interesting sources. I’ve listed them by engine type.

Machine Tools

  1. Warco – I have to say that the quality of their machine tools is superb. The Warco WM240B has been a total workhorse for years in my model workshop.
  2. – this UK supplier stocks the small end of Sieg lathe and milling machines.


  1. – small model engineering supplier. Sell aluminium, brass, cast iron, copper, mild steel, phosphor bronze and stainless in flat/hex/round/square
  2. Noggin Ends – metals and plastics small scale supplier. Good support and able to source some more unusual materials.
  3. Aluminium Warehouse – if you need larger pieces of aluminium or larger quantity then this supplier often comes in a lot cheaper than the specialist model suppliers. I’ve used these when I wanted >100mm diameter aluminium bar.
  4. Metal Offcuts – sheet metals supplied in various sizes including A4, aluminium, brass, copper, steel and various finishes.

Soldering and Brazing

  1. Cookson Gold – great quality and fast supply from a supplier who normally supplies to jewellers. Silver solder of different grades, silver solder paste and fluxes.

Steam Fittings

  1. Steam Fittings – boiler blanking plugs through to whistles. A great place to get all of your steam and boiler fittings.

Hopefully this material and tool suppliers list is useful enough to bookmark. This page will be updated and edited regularly. We would really like to hear about your recommendations and reviews.