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Model Military Articles & Gallery

If you would like to write an article or suggest an aircraft kit that we should review then why not drop us an email.

Big soldiers form TRIFON Minatures

New 10 inches soldiers is the newest work of Guillermo Centeno.

Ruined Church - A Natural Diorama

David Mackenzie has built another great diorama using bonzai trees.

Warlord Titan

The idea was to build a Warlord Titan - "what size?" - "how?" - "where do we start?".

Warhammer Gaming Board

The idea was to build a small Warhammer gaming board that could be used on the coffee table for small games.

Natural Diorama

A diorama built using bonsai trees, earth, and some 1/72nd soldiers.

Model Engineer Exhibition 2008

The first exhibit that caught our eye was a very large, huge in fact, Tiger tank standing maybe 2 to 3 foot tall and making all the right sounds with itís onboard sound system and tank commander moving his arms and head. Very impressive, heavy and costly.

D-Day Bunker

D-Day style German bunker built by Nick Nasta.

WWII Diorama

"The soldiers are drinking while on duty. The soldiers are AIRFIX multipose. The bottles were hand carved from wood and labels glued on. The diorama is scratch built. The base is Styrofoam,cobble stone was individually cut out and placed to make the road." Nick Nasta

D-Day plus 12 Diorama - Part 2

These are a series of pictures taken at the War and Peace show of the diorama.

D-Day plus 12 Diorama

am continuing my theme of DDay to Berlin now incorporating a Diorama set of about 20 feet by 10 feet. This will represent DDay plus 12 the push at Caen.

D-Day Diorama

I did this diorama for the D-Day celebrations in June 2004. The model vehicles are 1:48 or 1:50 scale and are Solido/Gaso.line conversions or Bandai kits or Verlinden models. If you don't know about these conversions the standard Solido models which are die-cast do not have very much detail or decent paint jobs so I improve them by taking the Gaso.line kits and modifying the Solido ones. I then give them an extra special paint job. Sean Maley

Armortek Tiger I

Then one day while surfing the web, I found an add on a local web site. This site talked about a company out of England called Armortek that makes 1/6 scale all metal Tiger 1 kits.

Pilot Painting

The first task is to choose a suitable pilot for your model. Do you want a full figure or just a bust? What size do I need? Which type of model is best latex, vac form, polystyrene?

Rosedale Figurines

Major Marcos a Reno from our range of figures from the reno retreat series. There are 6 mounted figures in this range and they are all real characters from the battle.

Mark 1 Tank

We supply 1/10th and 1/8th Russian manufactured Radio control Tanks exclusively to the UK and Europe. The 1/10th scale tanks are Russian T80 variations, and the 1/8th scale is the German Panther[Ausf G]. All Tanks are 12v electric with twin waterproof motors. Either a 2 or 4 channel RC radio is required.

Rosedale Figurines

C.S.M Hollis V.C of the 6th Green Howards in Normandy on the 6th June 1944. 1 of 13 designed especially for ourselves by A. Ball. The Figure is shown painted but the kit is at the moment only for sale as un-painted, but it comes with a base and full painting instructions.