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Model Engineering Gallery

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Mick Cherry Vacuum Engine

A home designed and built vacuum engine with a throttle based on movement of the flame relative to the inlet.

Wooden Clock

Got it into my head that I needed to make a clock and not being a great one for plans decided that I needed to make an escapement and develop the rest from there.

Half Beam Engine

A small half beam engine built from scratch by Nigel

Poppet Valve Engine

A single cylinder poppet valve engine.

Oscillating Engine

An agricultural looking oscillating engine with an intention to expand the exhaust gas through a turbine.

Miniature Oscillating Engine

This is a tiny oscillating engine made by Roy Taylor around 1995-1998.

Gas Engine based on Joe Webster′s Design

A single cylinder horizontal gas engine built by Dick Barnes and based on the plans from Joe Webster.

Picaxe Robot

A Picaxe robot has made it into the gallery. Actually there is quite a lot of nice engineering in this model and so well worth a look.

Loyal Cycle Engine

A great conversion of a vacuum engine to a Loyal Cycle engine by Mick Cherry.

Mick Cherry′s Hit and Miss Engine

A horizontal single cylinder hit and miss engine designed and made by Mick Cherry.

Lamp Post Steam Engine

A single cylinder, single acting steam engine built onto a lamp post...

V-Twin Solenoid Motor

A V-twin four stroke solenoid motor.

Solenoid Engine

Not sure if you call this an engine or an electric motor.

Wagon Wheel Stirling Engine

A stirling with a horizontal flywheel that looks rather like a wagon wheel - hence the name.

5 Cylinder Rotary Engine

A 5 cylinder rotary engine that runs on compressed air.

Wood and Metal Beam Engine

A compressed air beam engine built from metal and wood, the idea deing to build an elegant pretty engine - well hopefully - this may be very hopeful as I'm starting the wrong way round...

Low Temperature Stirling Engine

A home design (maybe more of an evolution) low temperature stirling engine that runs using the heat from a mug of hot water.

Model Engineer Exhibition 2008

The first exhibit that caught our eye was a very large, huge in fact, Tiger tank standing maybe 2 to 3 foot tall and making all the right sounds with itís onboard sound system and tank commander moving his arms and head. Very impressive, heavy and costly.

1/6th Scale Kinner Radial

This engine was designed by Mr David Johnson and he did the design while he was an engineering student. Model by Mick Cherry.


The name of the engine is Fizgig, and the drawings were downloaded off the internet (see: Model by Dick Barnes.

Open Crank Farm Engine

The outcome is a terrific little engine, dead simple to make, the main frame is all made from 1/4 ally sheet screwed together. Model by Mick Cherry.

Vacuum Engine

This is the Nick Rowland Flame Engine or Vacuum Engine. They seem to be called by a number of names, but in the end they are all vacuum engines. Model by Mick Cherry.

Essex Steam & Country Show

What has the Essex Steam and Country Show got to do with modelling I hear you ask. Well in actual fact quite a bit in it's own right. This show is an annual event held over the second weekend in September, at Barleylands Farm Museum, near Billericay in Essex, and encompasses just about everything associated with farming, and makes a great family day out. Report by Paul Oliver


A 48cc petrol three cylinder Anzani engine 1910Y type as used in the Deperdussin monoplane an example of which is at the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden. Model by Mick Cherry.

GWR Metro - part 1

An engineers account of the pursuit of the Southern Region rebuilt Merchant Navy Class 8.P. Pacific in 5" gauge considering the average person with no knowledge of the basics of engineering in miniature I have discided to start with my first project to construct G.W.R Metro tank in 5" gauge I am writing this with the beginner in mind and hoping to show with sketches and drawings different ways of overcoming engineering problems on lathes, millers, fitting, marking out, rolling, folding and boiler making as well as using high temperture gases.

GWR Metro - part 2 | GWR Metro - part 3 | GWR Metro - part 4 | GWR Metro - part 5

Multi-cylinder engines

All of the cylinders of all of the engines are of 8cc. This enabled a jig to be made so that all the barrels, pistons and valves are standard. Models by Ron and Bob Lane

Two Cylinder Two-Stroke

The two cylinder two-stroke aero engine was designed around a commercially available piston, liner and connecting rod from an OS 25FSR. The crankshaft was made in parts and the crankcase machined from a solid billet of aluminium. Model by Nigel Taylor

Single Cylinder Four-Stroke

This engine is very agricultural in appearance and design, but was the first engine that I designed from scratch and fabricated everything for (apart from the spark plug). Model by Nigel Taylor