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Chemical Table

Trade NameChemical NameChemical Formula
Acetone   (CH3)2CO
Acetylene   C2H2
Ammonium (hydrox. of) Ammonium hydroxide NH4OH
Aniline   C6H5NH2
Bauxite Hydrated aluminium Al2O32H2O
Bleaching powder Calcium hypochlorite CaCl(OCl)
Blue vitriol Copper Sulphate CuSO45H2O
Borax Sodium tetraborate Na2B4O710H2O
Butter of zinc Zinc chloride ZnCl23H2O
Cadmium Sulphate   CdSO4
Calcium chloride   CaCl2
Carbide Calcium carbide CaC2
Carbolic acid phenol C6H5OH
Carbon dioxide   CO2
Carborundum Silicon carbide SiC
Caustic potash Potassium hydroxide KOH
Chalk Calcium carbonate CaCO3
Cinnabar Mercuric sulphide HgS
Ether di-ethyl ether (C2H5)2O
Fixing salt Sodium thiosulphate Na2S2O35H2O
Glauber's salt Sodium sulphate Na2SO410H2O
Glycerol Glycerine C3H5(OH)3
Graphite   C
Green vitriol Ferrous sulphate FeSO47H2O
Gypsum Calcium sulphate CaSO42H2O
Propane   C3H8
Hydrochloric acid   HCl
Hydrofluoric acid   HF
Hydrogen sulphide   H2S
Iron chloride Ferrous chloride FeCl24H2O
Iron sulphide Ferrous sulphide FeS
Laughing gas Nitrous oxide N2O
Lead sulphide   PbS
Limestone Calcium carbonate CaCO3
Magnesia Magnesium oxide MgO
Marsh gas Methane CH4
Red lead Plumbate 2PbO PbO2
Nitric acid   HNO3
Potash Potassium carbonate K2CO3
Potassium bromide   KBr
Potassium chlorate   KClO3
Potassium chloride   KCl
Potassium chromate   K2CrO4
Potassium cyanide   KCN
Potassium dichromate   K2Cr2O7
Potassium iodide   KI
Prussic acid Hydrogen cyanide HCN
Pyrolusite Manganese dioxide MnO2
Quicklime Calcium monoxide CaO
Salammoniac Ammonium chloride NH4Cl
Silver bromide   AgBr
Silver nitrate   AgNO3
Slaked lime Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2
Soda ash Hydrated sodium carbonate Na2CO3 10H2O
Sodium monoxide Sodium oxide Na2O
Soot Amorphous carbon C
Spirits of Salts Hydrochloric Acid HCl
Stannous chloride   SnCl2 2H2O
Sulphuric acid   H2SO4
Table salt Sodium chloride NaCl
Tinstone Stannic oxide SnO2
Trilene Trichlorethylene C2HCl3
Urea   CO(NH2)2
Water   H2O
White lead Lead carbonate 2PbCO3Pb(OH)2
White vitriol Zinc sulphate ZnSO4 7H2O
Zinc blende Zinc sulphide ZnS
Chinese white Zinc oxide ZnO

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