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Phosphor Bronze

An alloy of copper with 3.5 to 10% of tin and a significant phosphorus content of up to 1%.

  • PB1 is a continuously cast product used for machined components washers and bushes.
  • PB2 This has a higher tin content than PB1 this addition aids wear resistance and is used in gear applications.
  • PB102 is a wrought phosphor bronze with a high hardness mainly id bar and rod form used in the manufacture of machined parts and electrical components.
  • SAE660 - this is a leaded gunmetal used for a bearing material, good strength and , machinability and abrasion resistance.


You can get in a lot of trouble when drilling this in the lathe as it does have a tendency to bind and lock.


Phosphor bronze has many uses where resistance to fatigue, wear and chemical corrosion are required.

  • bearings
  • pistons - in steam engines

See also: Bronze, Pistons, Pistons and Liners.

Model Engineering Glossary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z