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Physical Constants

Avogadro's numberN6.022045x1023 mol-1
Bohr magnetonb9.27x10-24 Am2
Stefan-Boltzmann Constants5.67x10-8 Wm-2K-4
Impedance of free spaceZ0m0/e0 = 120pW
Electron volteV1.6021892x10-19 J
Electron chargee1.602x10-19 C
Electron rest massme9.109x10-31 kg
Electron charge to mass ratioe/me1.759x1011 Ckg-1
Faraday constantF9.648456x104 Cmol-1
Permeability of free spacem04px10-7Hm-1
Permittivity of free spacee08.85x10-12 Fm-1
Planck's constanth6.626x10-34 Js
Proton massmp1.672x10-27 kg
Proton to electron mass ratiomp/me1836.1
Standard acceleration due to gravityg9.80665 ms-2
Gravitational constantG6.67x10-11Nm2kg-2
Molar gas constantR8.31441 JK-1mol-1
Velocity of light in vacuoc2.997924580x108 ms-1