Underside of a Warco Top-Slide

Warco WM240B topslide

I’ve removed the top-slide before, however, have you seen the underside of a Warco top-slide? Perhaps more interesting is the top of the cross-slide? Not sure if this is unique to the Warco WM240B. The top slide is bolted down with a collar and two M8 bolts. This allows the top-slide to be rotated for … Read more

Erbauer Drill & Impact Driver 10.8V

I first reviewed the Erbauer Drill & Impact Driver 10.8V back in September 2014. Just over 7 years on and they are still going strong.  Specification Drill Driver: 2-Speed Variable & Reverse 10mm Keyless Chuck 15 Torque Settings + Drill Automatic Spindle Lock Impact Driver: Variable Speed & Reverse ¼” Chuck All-Metal Gearbox Trigger Switch … Read more

Forming Balsawood

hot wet balsawood formed onto metal

In this particular case forming balsawood for an insulation wrap on a steam boiler. In simple terms the process was to soak it in hot water, wrap it into shape and then heat it up. Here though are the steps and some images to show you the finer points. 1. Soaking the Balsawood in Hot … Read more

Workshop Humidity

Workshop humidity is a problem in that it can result in rust. Especially an issue on the surfaces of precision tools. The humidity in the air comes from a number of sources: atmospheric, gas fire, blow torch, breathing and of course from some processes. Such as steaming wood, this will generate a lot of water … Read more

Known Parameters for the Boiler Test Object

Barrel shape Boiler Heat Loss Test Object

Before starting the simple modelling I think it is worth looking at the known parameters for the boiler test object. From these there will be some simple assumptions and estimations. Assumptions Lumped point mass. Single temperature measurement represents the temperature of the object. Heat capacity does not change with temperature. Local air temperature represents ambient … Read more