Unimat 3 Circular Saw

unimat 3 converted to circular saw

A review of the Unimat 3 Circular Saw. The Emco Unimat 3 had a great circular saw attachment. The real benefit of this was the precision with which you can strip and machine wood for model making purposes. The only downside is the Unimat 3 motor is a tad underpowered for this type of work … Read more

1 2 3 Blocks

Technically these are 10-20-40 and 20-40-80 Blocks and Arc Euro Trade calls them Stevenson’s Blocks, others call them 1 2 3 Blocks. Whatever the name these are really useful to support items on the milling table. Review Great for jacking up workpieces, aligning workpieces on a milling table or using as a measuring aid. Toughened … Read more

Storage – take a coffee break

coffee tins as storage

I need lots of parts, they need to be ordered in some way. On the other hand I may not use them for years and then when I need them, I need them immediately and I don’t want to spend ages hunting for them or end up ordering them online, waiting a week and then … Read more

Carbide or Tungsten Carbide

rennie tools slot drill

Is it Carbide or Tungsten Carbide, nowadays tools are often referred to as being made from “carbide” – what they actually mean is Tungsten Carbide. The reason for using Tungsten Carbide is it has some great properties: melting point 2,785–2,830°C hardness of 9 on Mohs scale, 2600 Vickers number Some tungsten carbide tools consist of a mild … Read more

Gear Cutting with the Hobbymat MD65

Have just been cutting some gears (gears design) and thought it worth taking some photographs and writing up some comments on how to convert the Hobbymat MD65 so that you can cut straight spur gears. The topslide is removed with four caphead bolts. It is rather awkward that there is a pivot post protruding from … Read more

Hobbymat MD65 Lathe

HobbyMat MD65

The Hobbymat MD65 lathe was made by VEB Prazisionsdrehmaschinen in the 1980’s and distinguished by the bright colour paint and the D-section bed. I′ve owned this lathe from new, bought around 1982. Review Specification: Centre Height: 65 mm (2.6″) Between Centres: 300 mm (12″) Turning diameter over carriage: 62mm Cross slide travel: 80mm Headstock: MT2 … Read more