Case Hardening Compound

Just bought some case hardening compound from EKP Supplies. I want it for a cylinder that I have machined and would like to try and harden the inner surface. I bought 250g for around £14.00 maybe a tad expensive, but if it is anything like the Kasenit of the past then it will last for … Read more

Sieg SX2.3

The Sieg SX2.3 milling machine is a machine for the model maker or hobbyist. I often have a browse around to look at the latest milling machines and to see if there is anything new. This means looking at Warco, Axminster Tools and ArcEuro – the latter two selling Sieg Industries made machines. On the … Read more


Whether it is polyfila or fire cement or any other form of cement it is important to keep the air out when storing it. The problem I find is that the various manufacturers often supply a silly piece of plastic that is slightly smaller in diameter than the inside of the plastic tub and so … Read more

Precision Tool Vice

I have a heavy duty 3″ wide Soba machine vice, great for general use. However, I often want a small precise vice to hold some of the smaller parts that I make. After much searching I ended up on – a very easy company to deal with who deliver promptly. The dimensions are: The … Read more

V Blocks

V blocks

Using a V-block to clamp the piston of my rotary engine to drill the gudgeon pin hole. As there were 5 pistons (5 Cylinder Rotary Engine) to drill exactly the same I set up the V-block and clamped it to the milling table. The V-block clamp is quite large and would have hit the chuck so … Read more

Wavy Parallels

A box of 9 pairs of wavy parallels. Select a pair of parallels of the correct height, place in the vice. These are not placed correctly – best to arrange them as a mirrored pair as they can then be squeezed up in the vice and the edges support the workpiece at the maximum width … Read more

Proxxon Cut off/mitre saw KGS 80

Specification 220 – 240V  200W  50/60 Hz 4,000 rpm Base with round table of highly stable, die-cast alu, with CNC milled fittings and slides. Table size 230 x 230mm. Weight 6kg. Consult the table for cutting capacities. Review Well it all started good enough, but the saw didn’t actually finish a cut before there was … Read more

TiN End Mill

I needed some new end mills as I managed ot break an 8mm one last week – quite frankly I was being heavy handed and had not tightened up some of the traverses as well as I should have. I went online to one of the regular places that I purchase this sort of tooling … Read more