Linear Bearings

linear brass bearings fitted to Genmitsu z-axis

I think this post should actually be titled “cheap linear bearings” as I don’t think all are equal. However, the bearings found in low end CNC machines are effectively parts from the inkjet printer industry. You will find this type of bearing in PC inkjet printers and in low end CNC machines. This Sainsmart Genmistsu … Read more

Sainsmart Genmitsu Z-axis

genmitsu cnc in case

I bought this small CNC machine to engrave the smokebox door on my miniature traction engine, but the Sainsmart Genmitsu Z-axis accuracy is poor. Poor in a number of ways, but primarily down to the stiffness of the spindle and resultant accuracy of the machining. The movement is allowing the spindle to wander. The primary … Read more

Connecting Rod

conrod roughed out from steel bar

The part in an internal combustion engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft. It changes reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crankshaft or vice versa. A connecting rod consists of a pin-end, a shank section, and a crank-end. Pin-end and crank-end pinholes at the upper and lower ends are machined … Read more

Keiba High Grade Combination Pliers

A review of the Keiba high grade Combination Pliers. The real beauty of these pliers is the bearing that gives an absolute silky smooth action. No matter what force is applied they do not lock up – well the force I can apply with my hands and they are brilliant. Price: 33 euros from … Read more

Upgrading the Mini Mill with Taper Roller Bearings

An article about Upgrading the Mini Mill with Taper Roller Bearings, giving part numbers and the impact of changing to taper bearings. I bought an Amadeal XJ12-300 milling machine, sometimes called a Mini Mill, this is actually a Real Bull milling machine. I bought this as it was cheap, but since buying it I’ve spent a … Read more

Guide Bearing Failure on BS250

I went to change the blade on my Record BS250 bandsaw and the lower set of bearings were locked solid, you could just about feel movement if you rocked them back and forth. I removed the metal shields from the face of the bearings and as you can see they were full of sawdust. Interestingly all of the … Read more