Firebox for the Burrell

firebox silver soldered

I started with the barrel for the boiler some time ago, now I needed a firebox for the Burrell traction engine. The basic design is to have a simple copper cylindrical boiler and a firebox where the end of the boiler is located. The heat is then applied to the underside of the boiler cylinder … Read more

Boiler End Plates

boiler endplates and tubes

Should boiler end plates on a copper boiler be concave or convex? Is there a reason they go one way or the other? One reason for the convex endplates is that I intend to rivet the smokebox to the boiler of my miniature traction engine. The rivets cannot go through the boiler surface forming a … Read more

Steam Engine and Boiler Efficiency

steam indicator diagram

Having approximated the engine’s steam consumption at a given speed and having calculated the consumption of fuel for the boiler I should now be able to calculate the Steam Engine and Boiler Efficiency. In my previous post on steam and methylated spirit consumption the final calculation looked like this: The engine design for my traction … Read more

Steam and Methylated Spirit Consumption

boiler endplates and tubes

Steam and methylated spirit consumption is a big subject and so my first task was to break this down into some simple numbers and ideas. This page is all about explaining those ideas and first approximations. All of these calculations are targeted at the design of my miniature traction engine and in particular the boiler … Read more

Steam Boiler Angle

traction engine boiler angle

I’ve been looking into the angle of the steam boiler on a traction engine relative to the surface that the engine sits on. This angle is always biased downwards towards the firebox. Having measured a few angles from different sources I get: 0.66° Henry Greenly’s working model traction engine 1.26° Burrell 6NHP drawing 2.35° Ruston … Read more

Copper Boiler Tubes

boiler endplates and tubes

I’ve been looking at how to make the copper boiler tubes. For the vertical boiler I’m using a piece of 15mm household plumbers pipe. For the miniature traction engine I’m working on I wanted a lot more smaller pipes. I was looking around and scratching my head to think of places that I could purchase … Read more