Burrell Eccentric Pushrods

The Burrell eccentric pushrods are rather small, the inside diameter of the strap is just 10mm. This is a 1/20th scale traction engine and so they will be quite small. Two off to give forward and reverse. I made the 2 eccentric straps up from 1.8mm thick brass. I had to mill to this thickness from … Read more

Burrell Conrod

Burrell Conrod

The Burrell conrod has taken some time to get to as I’ve been waiting to fix the boiler location. First part to make up was the big end. As this part is so small I decided to make this from a piece of phosphor bronze and not have an insert. I use an ER25 square … Read more

Solid Rear Axle

Burrell rear axle

OK, this isn’t a solid rear axle like a 1960’s muscle car. This is an actual solid round phosphor bronze bar that supports both rear wheels on the Burrell traction engine. The rear axle is fixed and the wheels then rotate independently on each side. Inboard of each wheel there is a gear that is … Read more

Differential Shimmed and Jigged

crown wheels for the differential

In order to get the differential running smoothly I had to shim and make a simple jig. My original differential for the Burrell used bevels with a 20° angle. These kept locking / binding. Luckily JG pointed out my errors and made a number of calculations to come to 9.5° as the correct angle. As … Read more

Burrell Gearing

Burrell and new domed smokebox door

I’ve been thinking about the Burrell gearing for some time. Calculating the overall ratio, estimating the maximum torque and speed of the traction engine. Looking online a Mamod TE1a traction engine flywheel speed is between 2000rpm and 2500rpm. 1st stage engine to layshaft is 4:1 reduction 2nd stage layshaft to rear wheels is 4:1 reduction … Read more

Burrell Door Lock


The Burrell door lock is a T-head bolt with flat sides on the threaded section. This bolt goes through the door from the back, a handle with a slot then goes on allowing the bolt to be rotated. A second handle with a threaded not then allows the bolt to be pulled up tight. In … Read more