How to Calibrate Your CNC Machine


A Step-by-Step Guide by Peter Jacobs at How to calibrate your CNC machine is one of the most crucial processes to maintain design accuracy, tool precision, and repeatability. It helps in maintaining the highest standards of quality of the manufactured product while also ensuring that the CNC router delivers optimum performance without causing any … Read more

Tool Height Setter

tool height setter

Alan (Woody’s Workshop) has designed and made a hall effect tool height setter. Just a brief overview here, head over to Alan’s page where there are more details along with a PDF download that gives circuit design and full mechanical details – Hall Effect Based Tool Height Setter for use with PathPilot. This homemade sensor works … Read more

Squaring Stock

squaring stock material

This article on squaring stock is from Alan at Woody’s Workshop. The process is primarily designed to square a piece of stock ready for the cnc. However, it could be used for general machining as well. Assume the stock can be represented by the following shape with each side numbered as shown. The numbering is … Read more

Engraver Spindle Sketch to Parts

spindle and motor arrangement

Working from an Engraver Spindle Sketch to Parts can be daunting. However, I very rarely work with more than a few sketches and key critical dimensions. This is all about improving the spindle of the Genmitsu 3018-Pro. My aim was to use an ER11 chuck on a straight 10mm spindle and employing the existing drive … Read more

Linear Bearings

linear brass bearings fitted to Genmitsu z-axis

I think this post should actually be titled “cheap linear bearings” as I don’t think all are equal. However, the bearings found in low end CNC machines are effectively parts from the inkjet printer industry. You will find this type of bearing in PC inkjet printers and in low end CNC machines. This Sainsmart Genmistsu … Read more